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Training your Great Danes


It is always better to start training your Dane at an early age. By doing so you have a greater chance of owning a manageable & obedient adult Great Dane. It is important to try to teach your Dane not lean on people or children. Leaning can result in an adult or child falling and possible injury. It is also highly recommended that a owner should never leave their dog at a training facility. It is very important that the new owner train to dog. Potty training is fairly easy with a Great Dane in my experience. Puppies usually play then sleep, so as soon as they wake from a nap take them immediately out. Its best to carry them outside to the desired spot to potty. Do not take them back in until the do something! This is an important key to the training process. If you plan to allow your puppy to sleep with you pretty much the same rules apply. Before bed take the puppy out and do not allow them to come back in until they do something. (Always praise your puppy excessively after they have made any effort to potty). I usually clap and use a high pitched voice to praise them. You might sound a little goofy but the goofier you sound the more the puppy likes it. If your puppy has an accident in the house NEVER rube their noise in it. This is one of the worst things an owner can do. Just scold and take the puppy outside. If you happen not to catch your puppy potting in the house do not scold your puppy. The dog will not understand why he/she is getting in trouble. This might sound crazy but never let your puppy actually see you clean up his/her mess. Some puppies have been known to make it into a type of game.

Bathing doesn't have to be a dreaded to time for you or your Dane. I make it a point to teach all of my Danes to willingly get into the bathtub to get their baths. When they are young of course you just pick them up and put them in. Always teach them to sit in the tub to be bathed. This makes it much easier for the owner. As they get older you might have to coxes them in the tub with a treat or even help/make them get in. After the bath make them get out of the tub in a calm and easy fashion. After the drying off always praise them and reward them with a treat. This makes the scary bath turn into a positive action.


Appropriate Exercise

Plenty of regular exercise is required to keep a Great Dane fit & healthy. Daily walks are a good way to give them the activity they need. Owners may also want to take not that exercise after meals is not recommended since Great Danes can be prone to get bloat. Owner should wait at least one to one and a half hours after meals before any excessive play or activity. It is also best for you to feed your Dane from a raised food and water dish. Dane can be free fed from an automatic feeder but NEVER just once a day.

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